I didn't noles I had to wear garnet. I noles now.

this dude was picture perfect..
Location: Macon GA, to Tallhassee, FL
Pics are: here.
Video is: here.

Heading to Tallahassee for the FSU game vs. North Carolina State.
I picked up some tickets on stub hub the night before.

This would be my first time to a big time football game. How did I decide to do this you ask? I didn't. I began looking for hotels, wondered why they were so expensive, discovered FSU had a game, and bought tickets. Simple.

My hooters virginity has been claimed.

only 23 miles to Hooters. hoo. hoo.
Location: Macon, GA

Bike was silent. For the first time in about a year. I don’t know what Mr. Louscious Hawthorne at Bike Tech in Macon Georgia, said, or did to my bike to make it simma down, but he did it.

He did mention that he didn’t use grease and he had some other shit that he liked. Of course when you don’t write things down and things are moving at a million miles an hour, that thing is lost.

When you are hammering sometimes your thumb gets in the way.

Location: Atlanta, GA to Macon, GA
View all the pictures here.

 I will admit, after 27 days I am beginning to have some feelings of loneliness. Im beginning to let my fears sneak back into my life a little bit.

And sometimes little things remind me of my home. Like when I am on a ride and I smell horse shit and horse shit smells like home to me.

Ridiculously hot bikini and Peachy ride.

...in reference to being bit in the ass.
Location: Atlanta, GA

It was 78 and sunny today and I was super excited to ride.

I was expecting around 42 on a ride called "Silk Sheets" in Fairburn, Georgia, with some climbing. "Silk sheets" because the roads are so smooth that...finish my sentence.

I figured this one would not bite me in the ass since it was a ride that was recommended to me and  that apparently a lot of Atlantians? tions? tans? have done over and over again.

I love you man

this took 8 tries
Location: Knoxville, TN

You know you’re having one of those seminal moments in life when you want to write it all down and can hardly stop and all of a sudden it’s 3AM. This Exodus is one of them. And I don’t mean seminal in the sense of semen, I mean in the sense that I recognize that what is happening to me right now is redesigning the future me.

And my head is on fire. I can hardly come up with one story that I want to tell you. I have the journal which is almost 50 pages at this point, and so by the end it should be Sacajawea thick.

Karma and I Soap Box Derby together.

Happy drivers..
Location: Athens, TN

Good things happened today. Which makes yesterday just a little rest stop on the Exodus highway. Bad things happened in that rest room...

But today, today, I woke up with it behind me and lounged at Market Square in Knoxville, sipping on espresso and downing some Peanut Butter Chocolate Melt morsel thingies from a local chocolate shop.

I found Disneyland Down South

Location: Smokey Mountains, TN

I got frustrated today. I got angry. I yelled and cursed and frowned and drove aggressively and shook my head and said fuck at least a couple of dozen times.

The Exodus is not all butterflies and rainbows after all. And that brings me back to one of my primary points: that you cant control the world.

Today, I felt myself trying to do that, and that’s when all the yelling and fucks occurred. Usually when I run into a frustrating situation, I usually do the "it is what it is " shoulder shrug and then make the most of it.

But not when it comes to riding my bike. I was really really excited about riding my bike today.

Travel Day: Bears scare the shit out of me.

Location: Lexington, KY to Knoxville, TN

Travel day from Lexington, Ken-TUCK-kee to Knoxville via the really really long ass route. Normally a three hour ride that I stretched out into a 6.5 hour haul that included one complete loop of the area by accident but that I enjoyed nonetheless.

I headed southeast to see the Red River Gorge, which is a huge climbing destination for...climbers. And there is a natural bridge there, or several, as well. I didn't see any of them because (1) it was raining and cold again which was no surprise at this point, and also because (2) there were signs everywhere about black bears and all the shit you had to do to not get attacked by one.

Keeneland Race Track and KY Smiles for All.

Keeneland Race track. Lexington, Kentucky. Yeah, I never heard of it either, but if its kind of a big deal. I didn’t know what to expect at all, but everyone told me to go there because I think there was not much else happening and also because they thought that there would be a shit ton of people there.

Smiley x 2.
But there was not a shit ton of people because it was 50 degrees and it was raining, which actually turned out to be a good thing.

But I was there to have a good time so I explored the grounds for a while, hooked up with a Woodford Reserve Bourbon, a beer, and an all beef hot dog, and tried to get to where I wasn’t supposed to be. I was caught by security and they are very cool, if you are very cool, just as a FYI. I always try and act very dumb and happy and speak with an accent, because it is very unlikely that they will arrest you if you are just plain blissful and stupid and foreign. This is a well researched opinion.

A ride, an incredible meal, and tons of KY.

Yep, that looks like KY to me. 
Location: Lexington, KY

Hey, y'all. Keep in mind these posts are always describing the past. I'm always about two days behind the caboose. I'm a sonic boom.

Got back on the steed on Tuesday for a tour of Lexington, Kentucky. Forecast was for rain, which I don't mind so much. Unless it is cold rain. And then my Raynaud's disease kicks in hard and life is unpleasant.

But when I sent out, it was just cloudy, and I picked a ride from mapmyride.com, which is like the glory-hole of ride sites. "Whiskey Trail" sounded good although I can tell you now that there is no whiskey on this trail and not even a single distillery.

Driving to Kentucky like i need a bourbon fix

Right by the Long Hole Quarry.
Location: Bloomington, IN to Lexington, KY

Bloomington was incredible. Because (1) I ended up there by accident and (2) "Texas Road House" despite being an upscale chain actually has some kickass steak and cool waitresses who look like my ex-GF and will let me take their picture while giving me the finger (3) front-desk girls at my hotel who rock, and (4) it was the setting of "Breaking Away".
Anon waitress. 

I stayed at the Marriot Fairfield only about 10 minutes from the campus of Indiana University. When I arrived, in the lobby was one drunk dude and his one drunk redheaded girlfriend who laughed at one of my jokes like the father in Family Guy. I couldn’t stop imitating her all night. To myself.

After the ride day, I woke and hung in the lobby for a bit and decided Lexington, Ky would be my next stop. About 20 miles into it, I saw a sign for he "Monroe Reservoir" and I thought to myself that a reservoir is very much like a quarry in that still water exists in both, and perhaps I could find the quarry from the opening scene of the movie I have already mentioned a million times.

The Windy One Hundred and two cool hotel hosts

Early morning Hilly Hundred
Trying to walk into a Best Buy and only get the one thing that you are there for is not possible. If you are a man, than you know this. Walk into a hardware store for weed killer and walk out with a glue gun, ten feet of parachute cord, a headlamp, and maybe weedkiller if you can remember that far back.

There she is. Shine on. 
I had to go to there to pick up a new charger for my macbook, since I cut mine in half last night while closing the bathroom door on the cord. And Best Buy burned me. I have a new power cord and also a new pair of Bose headphones that looked very nice and made me buy them.

This morning I woke up at 7AM after to going to bed at 1AM pretty snickered in order to ride the 50 mile Sunday loop of the Hilly Hundred. I managed to remember to pack everything the night before and by 8AM I was at Ellettsville High School for the start.

Travel Day: Detroit to Bloomington, IN

Logged a serious day in the HQ yesterday: about 7 hours. It was so windy that in order to do what I most wanted to do, which was get out of Detroit, I had to take the bike off of the rack. I did not think it would survive on top and I was not going to drive 45 miles an hour to Bloomington.

So now I know everything fits in the car. Still glad I got the rack though, because its much easier to load up. And I got blown all over the road the entire day, which actually sounds more exciting then it was.

For lunch I just got off of the highway and drove past all the fast food joints an found a liquor store. I went in there and asked where I should get some lunch. They sent me to Gangsters Grille in Hudson, Indiana. Which was the state I was already in, much to my surprise.

Ciao Bella! Breaking Away to Bloomington, IN.

Hey Chicago, it’s Detroit. Yeah, to your east. That Detroit. What’s with the fucking wind? That’s your thing. Keep it to yourself. You blow, I get it, but at least warn a brother next time your sending 40MPH wind my way.

Riding is impossible in this weather, and after spending the day driving around Detroit, maybe that’s for the best anyway. This city is rough. No sugar can sweeten that truth.

Detroit has broken wings. But there is super glue and steel and money and opportunists on the way, so sit tight Detroit, it seems as though people care after all. Despite the ghost town feel, there are areas smoldering and some making serious smoke.

Someone other than me talks about me.

The Boca Beacon is hot on my trail. I'm not clear on how they got wind of my story. I will have to ask my parents, who live on the 3.5 square miles of Boca Grande, which is the focus of the Boca Beacon, how anyone could have possibly been tipped off.

It's quite an honor, and I thank them for taking the time to check me out, and for taking the time to share it with others.

Here is the story, it is strategically placed between the news about the dog park being open and the obits.

Click here for full story.

Bike ride north of London, Ontario 10.13.11

Bike fixed. Body healed. Out for a ride finally. Stayed the night with a nice couple I found on AirBNB. Went out last night and did not know that Playboy voted the University of Western Ontario (about a mile from here) 4th on the party school list. I also did not know that our neighbours (location specific spelling) legal drinking age is 19.

These two things (1) party school and (2) legal at 19, make for a circus. But a circus smells better and doesn't have as much ass all up in your bubble.

And lastly, it just went from Fall to Winter in Canada. But that hasn't stopped the girls here from wearing belts as skirts and stiletto slipping down the street.

There is no way anyone could possibly get an education in this environment. At least not a education in...smart people things.

The ride today:

the ten ten eleven from the Exodus HQ

Greetings from Toronto. Trying to keep updated but its a bit difficult since so much has occurred. I will continue to add videos as they seem to be the most popular flavor. Reminder to those of you who get this blog by email: to view the video you have to go to the blog since they are all in HD, or you can go to the "Video" page and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Lastly, I'm updating the "Photo" page with links as often as I can, so make sure to check it on once you're on the blog!

You're damn right I'm sensitive.

Jamesville Reservoir, Syracuse, NY
Date: 10/4/11
Location: Syracuse, NY

I admit, I am a very sentimental, emotional person.

Some things just hit me at just the right angle, for example: dogs, hurt animals, and songs about little boy blue and the silver spoon. I would also call myself very sensitive. My parents used to use this term to describe me as in “Don’t be so goddamn sensitive” and so I thought it was a bad thing to be.

Now I realize that all it means to be sensitive is to give a shit a little more than most, and that my nervous system has a spidey sense for subtleties that most humans miss.

This can't be NYC..

I punched it to Bayonne Golf Club, in NJ. What an amazing place. You can check it out here. My friend laid out a party that was over the top. There were some surprise guests there that I didn’t expect. Some I hadn’t seen in 13, 14 years.

After that long, its hard to match up how you remember a person with the person you know see. The previous version is there, but then there are thousands of firmware updates your brain has to download all at once. And that’s a lot of ground to cover in one night.

Around midnight, the staff kicked us out. We boarded the private boat back to Manhattan. And from there we went for more drinks. Oh yeah, it was fucking cold last night. Not nippy, cold.

Exodus has begun exiting.

Exodus has finally begun.

The tape job on the car came out…ok. It looks ridiculous. I use the word ridiculous in the sense that it is not humorless. You look at it and you think “that guy must be ridiculous, as in absurd, but not humorless.”

Seems the drunker people are, the more they want to high five you when they see it. Which speaks volumes because most people when they are drunk, the stick in their ass becomes undone.

The effect is just what I had envisioned, with one exception. That one exception is that I had not envisioned the red color to be not-red. It’s only red if you don’t put something up next to it that really is red. Then it’s red/orange. But I am also highly sensitive and I have a keen eye for color and I am anal, so I don’t think anyone else would make the same comment.

I did everything right. The World fucked it up.

Last day of the pre-Exodus life. Would have liked to spend a little more time on my thoughts on this day, but it started at 9AM and I just sat down.

I had planned on delivering some genuine thought on what's going on in the heart and head region, but I don't think I have it in me. I'm a little melancholy because I can't control the world. I thought that I might be able to, but I can't.

That's what I tell myself when things don't go according to plan. I say to myself "Gibbs, you can't control the world." And I do hear myself, unless I'm texting someone or thinking about women at the time.

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