Hanging out with midgets doesn't make you a giant

Ladies, it’s not your fault. What’s not my fault? All this. All this shit you deal with is not your fault.There is nothing wrong with you. You’re doing everything just right. Keep it up and let me take care of this.

You just sit back and have a cocktail. I’m going to lend you a hand and have a stern talk with the guys now.  Someone needs a swift horse kick to the head. And I am that horse.

Guys, its your fault. I know this because I know it’s not the ladies fault, and that only leaves you.

That’s it, I’m moving to the sun.

I read Discover magazine. When I was a kid, my parents made me read it or I chose to read it all by my lonesome. Take your pick. It stuck.

Discover magazine is geek porn. Why do men become aroused (not jealous) by cuckoldry? Why can the eye see a solar eclipse but a camera can’t catch it without multiple exposures? Well, a lucky day is upon you, because for a small sum per year, all the questions you never cared to ask will all be answered.  

Don’t be ashamed if you have to read every paragraph more than once just to not be confused as shit. Smart people love to see people look confused.

Here is a synopsis of the best article this month, and also the one with the highest “duh” rating.

I feel lighter already

Everybody writes for an audience. Anything any writer or poet or little kid jotting in his diary in the middle of the night, tells you to the contrary, is straight bullshit.

And it’s prudent as well, since inevitably someone is going to find it/hack it/redistribute it/post it on a bathroom wall.

And keeping a potential audience in mind is, sometimes, very prudent. You think those naked pics of your GF/BF haven’t been seen someone other than the password holder of your private email? You are an idiot. SOMEONE at fillintheblank.com has access to that shit and you know it. 

When did you ever take a shot?

Pretty amazing story you may not know about Rocky...

Stallone was a starving writer/actor when he wrote "Rocky". The studio offered him $125K for the script but told him there was no way would he star in it. He walked out. At the time, this guy had NOTHING.
They called him back a couple of weeks later and offered him $250k NOT to star in his own movie. He turned them down, again. 

He told them he was an actor. They told him he was a writer and that Ryan O'Neill was an actor, and that Ryan O'Neill would be Rocky. Take it or leave it. 

He turned them down again.

Quieting the Inner Skeptic

I hope you enjoy following me, if you choose. And that somewhere along the way I inspire you to live YOUR dream. And remember, living YOUR dream doesn't have to make sense to anyone but YOU.
Biking the Himalyas
Out last night with some friends and naturally we spent quite a bit of time about how to avoid "Living the Dream" in hackneyed terms.

Turns out that's not an easy task.

It's not running away. It's not a crisis. It's not averting responsibility. It doesn't necessarily mean biking around the world or quitting work to become a mime.

The closest we got was "doing whatever makes you happy." What was that? You've heard that one?

Bucket List #1 Achieved: Run With Pro Peloton and get it Televised.

Status: Achieved
Is that a Douglas Fir?

Location: USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Colorado
Date: August 27th to August 30th, 2011 
Stage 5: Mt Swan, CO
Stage 6: Denver, CO

After watching every nearly every televised bike race since televised bike racing began, I finally got the balls to go run.

Let me first say that I haven't spent a lot of time in Colorado, and it blew me away. Everywhere we went it was clean, friendly, and full of active, fit people.

My place for January in LA

Procured myself a little shack for the month of January in LA.

Dates: January 1st, 2012 to February 1st, 2012.
Location: Sunny Venice Beach, CA
To do list: Not one damn thing.

Click here to see in larger view.
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